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Something to Remember

Her perfect Christmas is missing just one thing...

Skyscraper trees and gravel paths have replaced the city skyline view out Ava’s window. The quintessential inn she now calls home is serenely perfect and a fraction of the scale she’s used to renovating. The tiny timber town of Pine Grove, Oregon is filled with people who love her. It’s a picture perfect setting…but Ava doesn’t remember any of it.

When Ava wakes up in the hospital under the capable care of one strappingly good-looking doctor, Lane Hart, she waits for her fiancé, Ned—the last man she remembers being with—to whisk her back to the city. But her reality is nothing like what she remembers. The flannel-clad lumberjack doctor before her claims to be her fiancé, and insists the sparsely populated town of Pine Grove is home.

If you love a sweet, clean romance story with a twist of holiday magic then you’re sure to enjoy this latest installment of Meg Gray’s City Streets, Country Roads story collection. Grab this sweeter than apple-pie book and find out if Ava gets her perfect Christmas after all.










The Road Home

Do you love a sweet, clean romance with a little mystery and suspense? The Road Home will take you on a journey that will keep you guessing right to the end.

When Blake Anderson decides to sneak away from the limelight of his father's political career, he sets out to find an answer that has haunted him his whole life. He heads to the small town of River's Edge in the heart of Oregon's wine country along the Columbia River. In the small town, he gets his first taste of anonymity and it feels good. His trail quickly runs cold and instead of racing back to his family's mansion he decides to stay for a while, and makes a place for himself as Reg Wheeler's hired hand.

Maria Sandoval is recovering from a devastating loss and has sought refuge on her grandparents' prosperous estate, Ramirez Vines. Doing her best to outrun haunting memories from her college days, she takes great solitude in riding her horse along the edge of the vineyard property. One night she runs across a stranger who claims to work for her grandparents' old neighbor Reg Wheeler. Her mistrust and anxiety push her emotions to a new level as she tries to determine the stranger's real purpose for helping the cranky crippled old man.

Secrets, trust, and love all combine as Blake and Maria journey together toward finding answers and healing old wounds. But in one emotionally charged night it all starts to come undone. As one life hangs in the balance, questions are answered, but will it be too late…

Heartfelt, riveting, and emotionally charged, The Road Home reminds us that home is where the heart is.

The Teacher

Do You Love A Heartwarming Romance Novel? The Teacher will make you believe in the power love has to change a person’s life.

In life, there are no certainties. Emma Hewitt finds herself facing a number of uncertain challenges as she tries to find her footing in the big city of Portland, Oregon. The safety and simplicity of the small town she once knew is a distant memory as she embarks on her toughest year of teaching in her young career. Her greatest struggle lies in the perplexing father-son combination of Marcus and Brayden Lewis.

Marcus Lewis knows where he stands in the corporate world, but as a father, he is struggling. Raising his son alone is proving to be a challenge beyond his capabilities. Marcus’s past has left him mistrusting and unwilling to ask for the help he desperately needs.

Can Emma break through Marcus’s stone exterior to get Brayden the help he needs or will Marcus stay buried in the shadows of his past?

Sweet, charming, and emotionally moving, The Teacher will draw you in, feed your soul, and leave you wanting more.





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